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August 28th 2023

Let's remember the magic of immersive experiences at the stands of the 21st edition of Expo Revestir!

Aiming to offer unforgettable memories, this year's booths have created a sensory journey, immersing you in scenarios that arouse emotions and transform your perception.

Out of the many highlights, the Immersive Tunnel at Roca Cerámica invited everyone to interact with the space and the images displayed on the walls and ceiling, creating a separate universe. 

Another great hit was the Design Show, an immersive platform that transported us into Meta Living, the company's space in the metaverse. 

Saint-Gobain Construction Products provided some incredible moments. The 'Smart City', a virtual environment, allowed us to explore how the group's solutions can be used from homes to corporate offices. 

In addition, 'The Lab', Ecophon's interactive simulator, immersed us in the world of acoustics, providing practical and engaging learning. 

What is waiting for us at the 22nd edition? We can't wait to discover new surprises and inspirations to come!

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