Large formats: highlights at Expo Revestir

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September 14th 2023

Large formats, also known as ballasts or superformats, are a major trend in the coverings sector and were a highlight at the last edition of the fair.

To be considered a large format, the tile must measure over 1 meter. Some pieces are up to 3 meters long, requiring a high level of expertise during the installation process. 

The highlight of the last edition was Infinity Black by Roca Cerámica. Its impressive size allows the texture to be reproduced continuously, with soft cross veins on an absolute black background.

Aware of the challenges and the importance of updating the sector's workforce, Anfacer, the promoter of Expo Revestir, launched the "Ceramic Tile Installer Center" in March, 2023. This project gathers and disseminates valuable information for ceramic tile installers, enabling professionals to handle large tiles through technical training.

The Ceramic Tile Installer Center is an initiative of Anfacer, with the support of Sou Cunheiro project, CCB (Ceramic Center of Brazil) and Cortag Brasil. 

Follow us to stay on to of the project and upcoming trends.

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