Coverings that reproduce the beauty and textures of natural materials

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September 6th 2023

In a world where aesthetics and practicality intersect, coverings that faithfully reproduce materials have emerged as a solution for those who want a sophisticated look.

The ceramic tile market uses digital technology, which plays a crucial role in creating pieces that masterfully reproduce materials such as marble, granite, wood and cement.

This trend has been particularly noticeable in recent editions of Expo Revestir.

Thanks to technological advances, brands have been able to create pieces that reproduce the original details and characteristics of these materials with incredible fidelity, from the shine of the pieces to their most diverse textures.

Looking to the future, it's not hard to imagine what Expo Revestir 2024 holds for us. As brands continue to invest in technologies, design projects will gain a new dimension of versatility and excellence.

Get ready to be inspired by the novelties that awaits you.

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