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José Carlos Martins

Chairman of the Advisory Board CBIC - Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry
March 19th, 2:30pm


A construction entrepreneur and civil engineer for more than 30 years, José Carlos Rodrigues Martins was president of the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC) and senior vice-president of the Confederation of Contractors Associations (CICA). He is currently president of the CBIC Advisory Board, a member of the CDESS (Economic, Social and Sustainable Council), a member of the International Housing Association (IHA) and FIIC (Inter-American Construction Federation). In his career, Martins was president of the Association of Real Estate Market Company Managers of Paraná (Ademi-PR). He was president of the National Committee for the Technological Development of Housing (CTECH) of the Ministry of Cities. He has participated directly in the formulation of various public policies such as the PAC, Minha Casa Minha Vida Program and many others. He is currently a consultant on Construction Strategies for Companies and Institutional Representations and also a Board Member of Companies linked to the sector.


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