Rules of participation and conduct at Expo Revestir 2024



Personal Documents: It is mandatory to present an official photo ID (ID, Driver's License, Work Permit or Passport) even if the participant has pre-registered through the means provided by the organization.

Credential: The credential granted for entry to the Expo Revestir trade fair is personal and non-transferable and its use is restricted to the times and places authorized by the trade fair organizer. The credential may be requested by the Fair organizers at any time.

Corporate Trade Fair: The Expo Revestir Trade Fair is a Corporate Event and is restricted to professionals linked to the Building Materials Stores/Retailers/Wholesale, Construction Company/ Developer/Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Interior Design, Association/ Entity/ Union/Representative Institution/Government, Masonry/Mining/Sawmills, Industrial, Landscaping and Media/Press segments.

The participation of students enrolled in undergraduate courses in Architecture and Urbanism, Interior Design, Engineering and Landscaping and people not linked to these segments will only be allowed on 17/03/2023.

Parallel Events: It is strictly forbidden to hold parallel events and/or businesses unauthorized by the Expo Revestir Fair organizers with exhibitors and the general public. If any such infraction is found, the perpetrators will be taken out of the event and the materials used will be seized and destroyed without exception.

Visitor Groups/Excursions: Due to the Expo Revestir Fair's privacy policy, each member of a group/excursion must register individually through the official website, informing, among the available visit dates, the day of the visit chosen by their group.

Once all the members of the group/excursion have registered, the organizer of the group/excursion should contact the Expo Revestir Fair organizers via email at to receive guidance on mobility and possibilities for facilitated entry to the event.

In order to take advantage of the facilities provided by the Fair organizers, group visits/excursions must be made on the same date.

Minors: The Expo Revestir trade fair is aimed at adults and minors under the age of 18 (eighteen) are forbidden to take part, even if accompanied by their guardians.

Only students enrolled in university courses, over 18 (eighteen) years of age, in activities related to Architecture and Urbanism, Interior Design, Engineering and Landscaping may enter the Expo Revestir Fair on 17/03/2023.

Attire and decorum: Considering the nature and formality of the event, only attendees in attire compatible with the ceremony will be allowed to enter. People in inappropriate clothing or with excessive body exposure, such as shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, flip-flops or sandals and the like, will not be allowed to enter.

Image Rights: For security reasons and commitments made to exhibiting companies, the event organizers will capture images and audio of things and people. By entering the event, participants agree and accept that they are assigning, free of charge and definitively, all image and audio rights to the organization, respecting the rights provided for in the LGPD - General Law on the Protection of Personal Data, whose privacy policy can be consulted at

Personal belongings: The Fair's organizers have their own security team to ensure general order on site. On the other hand, it is the participant's responsibility to be careful with their belongings, especially electronic devices, backpacks, suitcases and bags, avoiding leaving them unattended or out of sight. As it does not promote or store personal belongings, the Fair organizers cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings belonging to participants, visitors or exhibitors.

Legal notice: ANFACER informs on the Expo Revestir website( the list of official events of the Fair. Events not mentioned on the Fair's official website have no legal or commercial links with ANFACER or its partners, and the use of their brands, names, formats or concepts in unauthorized events, inside or outside the São Paulo Expo exhibition pavilion, is prohibited.

The participant acknowledges and declares, under penalty of law, that all the information provided herein, from their Registration request, is true, complete and correct.

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