The best porcelain tile collections on display at the 22nd edition of Expo Revestir

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Get to know the collections that have redefined design and made the Best In Show finalists in the Best Porcelain Tile category

Some of the common elements in this edition's porcelain tile collections are inspirations from nature and aspects of everyday life, bringing a contemporary and unique design. 

With so many exceptional options, defining the best porcelain tiles was a challenging task. Check out the finalist collections for the Best in Show award in the Best Porcelain Tile category.

Portobello - The Edge | Winner of the Best In Show Award

Designed to push the boundaries, The Edge combines the strength of natural stone with the warmth of leather and the elegance of gold. This porcelain tile features predominant designs, reliefs and textures in shades of black and brown. It was created to be timeless, ideal for daring projects.

Biancogres - Oregon Grey

Inspired by one of the world's most prized slates, Oregon Grey is the result of intense technological and design work. With an exclusive relief and a design that highlights the forces of nature, this collection surprises with its authenticity and beauty.

Castelli Porcelain tiles - Black Organic Mesh

Black Organic Mesh is a masterpiece inspired by robust construction mesh. This product combines organic shapes with metallic applications, adding sophistication and design. Its exclusive design allows it to be used in versatile environments, from restaurants to cozy lounges.

Ceramics Savane - Enavas

Enavas porcelain tiles stand out for their creative design inspired by the texture of giraffe skin. Following contemporary trends, the collection features shades of brown that convey lightness and simplicity, reviving earthy tones as the new basic for sophisticated combinations.

Ceusa - Italian Days

Inspired by the historic tiles of Sicily, the Italian Days collection combines intense blue with burnt yellow, conveying a cheerful, uncluttered atmosphere. The tiles have a luxurious sheen and a slightly wavy appearance, and can be combined in countless ways to create different prints.

Dora Porcelanato - Rock Foliage

Part of the Rock collection, Rock Foliage is a reinterpretation of floral prints applied to stone graphics. With a sinker effect and glossy finish in specific areas, this piece brings a combination of rusticity and sophistication.

Damme - Mystic Gray

Mystic Gray offers a unique and mysterious expression with enigmatic tones and fascinating patterns. This porcelain tile adapts to different architectural styles, providing elegance and inviting you to explore the beauty hidden in every detail.

Delta Nova - Ossido

Inspired by oxidized iron, Ossido has a bold, contemporary design. With a natural aesthetic and slip resistance, this porcelain tile is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, bringing solidity and style to decoration.

Gabriella tile - Chalk Line

The Chalk Line combines the softness of waves with the solidity of concrete. With an exclusive relief inspired by the meeting of wind and water, this collection offers chromatic versatility and different finishes to create unique visual effects.

Gaudi Porcelain tiles - Legend

Legend Nut NT brings the texture of wood with a silky touch and a matte finish. With Tracer technology, which highlights the veins and knots of the wood, this porcelain tile provides comfort and warmth, ideal for a variety of projects.

Helena Porcelain tiles - Eternal Gray

Inspired by Deep River Marble, Eternal Gray combines glossy and matt graining to create a visually captivating aesthetic. With its natural beauty and color variation, this porcelain tile is luxurious for high-end residential and commercial projects.

Portinari - Wales Organic Kit

Kit Gales Organic uses organic shapes to provide comfort and serenity. Developed on the basis of voronoi patterns from nature, this porcelain tile has an organic and familiar modulation, ideal for harmonious environments.

Roca Ceramics - Capolavoro

Capolavoro elevates travertine marble to the status of a work of art. With exclusive technologies such as Mineral Lab, this series reproduces the aesthetics of natural stone with surprising visual and touch effects.

Tecnogres - Corten

Inspired by corten steel, Corten brings the rustic and unique beauty of this material to interior design. With its high relief and special grits, this porcelain tile offers realism and a wealth of detail, ideal for modern projects.

ViaRosa Porcelain tiles - Aquarela

Aquarela is a poem to the beauty of nature, capturing the serenity and vivacity of green. With its delicate relief and shine radiating creativity, it reflects the harmony between environment and design, elevating the piece to a level of excellence.

Villagres - Blu Siena

Blu Siena comes from the traditional Rapolano stone from Tuscany, transformed into a surprising version. This collection combines bluish tones and shimmering effects, creating a fusion between the natural and the digital, perfect for nostalgic and contemporary environments.

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