Design Brasil: Collections inspired by Brazil's richness and diversity

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Find out how some exhibitors paid homage to our natural and cultural beauties through ceramic tiles at Expo Revestir 2024

Expo Revestir 2024 brought out the rich diversity and exuberant beauty of Brazil through collections of ceramic tiles that delighted visitors.

Get to know the finalist lines for the Best in Show award in the"Design Brasil tile Ceramic" category. These creations delight with their innovative design and inspiration from the country's natural and cultural riches.

Duefratelli Ceramics: Cora

tile "Cora" by Duefratelli Ceramics is a tribute to coral reefs. With a palette of turquoise tones reminiscent of crystal-clear waters, this tile has a gentle undulating relief, capturing the beauty and diversity of marine ecosystems.

Fioranno: Fortunata Plus MRE RT

Fioranno's Fortunata Plus line is a tribute to Brazil's rich mineral tradition. This tile is inspired by the quartizite mineral, which is widespread throughout the country and which also gives rise to other stones such as São Tomé. It is a natural metamorphic stone and for this reason there are many variations in styles, textures and shapes.

Grupo Cedasa: Tribal ceramics

Inspired by the art of the Yawanawa tribe, Tribal Ceramics from Grupo Cedasa brings the history and culture of this indigenous community to life. With colourful geometric designs, each piece carries ancestral wisdom and beliefs, symbolizing protection and mysticism.

Grupo Ceral: Sancho Blue

The Brazil Seas collection from Grupo Ceral, with the highlight being tile Sancho Blue, brings the beauty of Brazil's beaches to life. Inspired by the stunning Fernando de Noronha beach, this tile has more than 40 faces and a relief that simulates the movement of the waves, capturing the blue of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Grupo Incopisos: Tiffany

Celebrating the richness of Brazilian stones, Grupo Incopisos presented coverings that echo the majesty and natural diversity of the country. From the emerald fields of the Amazon to the mountains of Minas Gerais, each piece is a real polished jewel.

In Out Premium: Corais do Brasil

tile Corais do Brasil was carefully developed to reproduce the vibration and movement of the waters through the explosion of colors of Brazilian corals and aquatic plants.

Incenor: Viva Brasil

The Viva Brasil range from Incenor highlights the diversity of Brazilian fauna and flora. Inspired by the plants, flowers and animals that inhabit the country, each piece is a representation of biodiversity, bringing unique elements of our nature.

Incepa: Urban Series

Inspired by the modernist buildings of Brazilian metropolises, the Urbano Series from Incepa brings the texture of cement in warmer tones. With a neutral and uniform texture, this line reflects the sobriety and uniqueness of modernist architecture.

Karina Ceramics: Taipa

Inspired by vernacular architecture, an ancient technique that is increasingly gaining ground in the construction industry, it represents the Brazilian people and part of its origin, Taipa de Pilão. tile Taipa carries in its essence the marks of history, where each layer of clay represented and reproduced expresses Brazilian strength and resistance. The earthy tones overlap and form unique designs and with each face laid down you can see the movement that the earth creates.

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