Natural and cultural beauty translated into ceramic tiles

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Ceramic tiles that celebrate the richness and diversity of our country

Expo Revestir 2024 was the stage for ceramic tile collections that celebrated Brazil's rich diversity and beauty, delighting all visitors.

Meet the finalists for the Best in Show award in the"Design Brasil tile Ceramics" category. These collections are a tribute to innovation in design, inspired by Brazil's natural riches and vibrant culture.

Keramika Artigiana: Cotto Ricci Filte Abaulado

The innovative shape of the Cotto Ricci range not only creates unique volumes, but also provides a feeling of comfort, embracing the philosophy of biophilic design. Its organic shape, texture and color palette were designed to echo nature, bringing the harmony of the natural environment into your homes. Cotto Ricci stands out for the distinct variation between the pieces, guaranteeing uniqueness and unrepeatability in each installation.

Lepri: Mobili Creare

When developing this collection, the designers at Lepri looked back to the 1970s in Brazil, when mobiles were very popular in children's bedrooms. Their movement, more precisely, brought enchantment and inspiration. Lepri then adapted this interpretation to its product by creating a linear movement with the size of the pieces.

Lurca Azulejos: Kit Revoada

The Revoada kit from Lurca Azulejos is part of the Caatinga Collection. Inspired by the flights of swallows in the Serra da Capivara, the tile panel features an earthy burgundy background with white line drawings, capturing the essence of this uniquely Brazilian biome.

Manufatti: Pages

Made of ceramic, the page element comes in three different sizes and can be produced in different colors. The piece was designed to combine aesthetics and functionality in the art of transforming façades: aesthetically, it allows for infinite layout versatility.

MegaLume Premium: Mistral Blue

Inspired by the surrounding landscapes of northeastern Brazil, tile Mistral Blue brings a feeling of freshness that echoes the region's characteristic sea breeze. With its predominant blue hue, which blends harmoniously with the nuances present in the ocean, this piece becomes an authentic visual expression of Brazil's natural riches.

Nina Martinelli Flooring: Rettangolo Giallo

Rectangular pieces that explore the nobility, ancestry and Brazilianness of natural ceramics, combined with recycled materials, measuring 7x14, allowing for symmetrical layouts or those that explore other visual patterns.

Pierini: tile Folha Quarter

Inspired by the soft strokes of gouache paint. With a wide variety of faces, each piece becomes a unique work of art, reflecting the delicacy and fluidity of the colors of the Amazon. This tile brings a poetic and contemporary feel to the environment, adding a touch of artistic expression and personality to the surfaces where it is applied.

Rox Ceramics: Java

As a tribute to the natural textures found in the sertão, capturing the essence of rocks sculpted by time and the sinuous reliefs of sand dunes, Java adds depth and visual interest in its grainy texture, reminding us of the small grains of sand that make up the soil of the cerrado.

Tecnogres: Watercolor

This product was inspired by the color of the year 2024, Peach Fuzz, and by WGSN, which brings with it the colorful and welcoming awakening of an incredible Brazilian sunset, rescued in the velvety peach tone and the striking and vibrant brushstrokes of this design. The inspiration is also directly linked to a classic of Brazilian music that exalts the beauty and culture of Brazil. The song Aquarela do Brasil, by Ary Barroso, which highlights typical elements of national identity and mentions our exuberant and beautiful nature.

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